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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Elliot Loves

Elliot Loves is two stories in one:  present day twenty-one year old Elliot, and young eleven year old Elliot.  It is also a comedy with a few heartfelt moments of drama. The movie keeps going from present to past when Elliot tries to see how his present life compares to what he was going through as a child.
Elliot, is someone who we call a serial dater. He falls in love with any man on the first date himself and starts dreaming of his wonderful life ahead. His latest adventure introduces him to Joe who is hot, attentive, pays for food and doesn't mind Elliot's non stop diarrhea of the mouth. But the next morning he fins that Joe is in an open relationship with his boyfriend. The movie then goes to his childhood days. Eliot lives with his single mother and her boyfriend, who does no work. Elliot and he do not like each other but hey tolerate each  other for sake of Elliot's mom. Elliot and his mom share a very very close bond. Though only a child, Young Elliot is forced to act the adult. The eventual tension of the situation comes to a head, and words a parent should never say to their child are said. Because of this, Elliot still has self-esteem issues in his adulthood days and all he does is keep looking for love in all wrong places. He eventually does find love in Joe, who ultimately breaks up with his boyfriend.

The introduction scenes for both Young and Present Day Elliot are hilarious, and effectively show you everything you need to know about the character at that stage of their life–you are given a solid baseline from which each character develops. The mother's character is also funny and sketched pretty well. Though you can’t forgive her neglect of Elliot and the poor choices she makes, you do understand where she is coming from. Elliot's acting is good. He is required to be over the top, but it thankfully doesn't become annoying. The film also surprisingly had some really good animation sequences. It does give yoga good inside into the queer Latino culture as well.

Overall the film takes you on a ride that will make you laugh and make your heart-break. (4.5/10)

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