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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gay Short Films : 14

Kampvuur (Belgium) [Campfire]
A coming out story summarizing itches of love, pain and relationships. A young boy falls in love with his best friend who reciprocates one night in camping but things take 180 degree from there. The friend totally ignores him and things at the camp become very awkward. The guy's "girl" friend is the only one who supports him at this time. (5.5/10)

Matroos (Belgium) [Sailor]
A teenager adores his sailor friend. He dreams about the exotic countries, starry skies and the inevitable homesickness that would bring his friend back to him. In a colorful series of referential images, his fragile dreams get so unreal, that the enthusiasm for seeing his friend again turns into anxiousness. Weirdly shot film. I honestly did not get it. (1/10)

Diccups (USA)
What happens when you dick gets hiccups? Extremely funny short short film just for the concept alone. (7/10)

Le Marais (France)
A young male customer finds himself attracted to a young printshop worker and tries to explain that he believes the man to be his soulmate, not realizing that he speaks little French. I saw this film as part of 2006 anthology film "Paris, je t'aime". It is quite a short film but nevertheless interesting. (5/10)

Stay (Canada)
Sam and Eric are a young, gay, Chinese couple, seemingly happy but have never shared a night together in the same bed.  One night, after Eric asks his boyfriend to stay and Sam refuses, their relationship suddenly comes into question. Will Sam select his love over what he thinks his responsibilities are towards his parents? This is a simple, short and very sweet film. (6.5/10)

Triple Standards (USA)
An ex basketball player is gay but is in closet. When his boyfriend of 5 years cannot take anymore of his hateful and homophobic comments for others, he gives him an ultimatum. The star need not come out of closet but he has got to stop the harsh comments and look down upon others. WIll things change? The film was very good, except that sometimes it was very hard to understand what the boyfriend was saying because most of his dialogues were in a whisper. You had to pay hard attention. (7.5/10)

Amour, toujours (French) [Love, Always]
A silent black and white gay film already wins half the battle for its novelty. A sweet story of boy meets boy, love at first sight for one, spend the entire day together and end the day with the kiss of love. I just absolutely loved the idea of silent film with written commentary. Such a novel idea for short film. Fantastic! (8/10)

Action vérité (French) [Truth Or Dare]

Two girls and two boys, probably about 14 or 15 years old, play a game of truth or dare. The questions and the challenges deal with sex; it's innocent and harmless, but at each turn, each youth tries to raise the ante. Then, Paul gives a dare to Rose, and the result brings on a sudden and complete silence. It was a mix of disgust and shock with the end but a decent short film. (5/10)

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