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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Le roi de l'evasion (French) [The King Of Escape]

Was this film a spoof or a comedy or drama? It is so hard to say. A lot of viewers describe the movie as comedy but I saw WTF!! And where was the plot? A lot of scenes were just there for the heck of it. The story idea was good but it was so badly executed.

Armanda, is a 40-something gay man who is very popular in the social circle. He sells farm machinery in the countryside. Just when his life was going monotonous and nothing exciting was happening, he meets a 16 year old girl Curly and they both fall in love with each other. The expected restrain from the parents follow and Armanda woos the girl and they go on a run from the parents and the police. Somehow Armanda finds this magic root which can get him hard to be able to perform. Whenever him and Curly get a chance to make out and "do" something, they are always disturbed. Finally they get an opportunity and they make love but Armanda gets bored and now wants to leave Curly. In the meantime Armanda is being pursued by an older man, he wants to sleep with his boss and the head of cops is after him. Somehow the girl is found by police and Armanda goes for a run and meets the cop, the older man and the other guy all under the influence if this magic root and having sex. Armanda joins the group, has fun and the film ends.

Yes, the film just ends there. Totally random and weird. I still don't get it on what was the point behind all this. There is lot of nudity for Armanda which I must say as very bold of him to do considering he is over weight. Unfortunately, the characters were one dimensional, for which I felt no interest, empathy or affinity. There were a lot of sub plots and characters thrown in just for the sake of it. Maybe I am missing something but this film is not the kind of films that I would like to watch.

I would say avoid it. (2.5/10)

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