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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Wise Kids

I am not big into religion but at the same time I do not judge anyone at all for what religion they follow and what their beliefs are, as long as I am left to do and believe what I want to. I don't judge and i do not want to be judged. I am not an avid or devout churchgoer but I would like to believe that this film touched upon some very real issues of faith in a way that were both authentic and unique.

A group of high school students who are members of a church youth group are preparing to begin their adult lives in South Carolina town. We follow 3 close friends: Brea is the minister's daughter, Tim is an aspiring film maker and Laura who is totally devoted to God and religion. Tim realizes that he is gay but hasn't acted on it. Brea is very comfortable with this fact but when Laura finds it out, she is shocked and frightened. She tries to help Tim reconcile between his sexuality and religion. At the same time, Brea is questioning her faith and prayers. Then we have Austin and his wife who help with the church. Austin is closet gay and has feelings for Tim but he cannot do anything about it except showing your run-of-the-mill expressions and telling gestures like touching. He is devoted to his wife but cannot convert it into physical intimacy which is driving his wife insane. She almost goes about cheating on her husband but stops herself. She suspects that something is wrong with him but doesn't question him. Time moves on and Brea and Tim goto New York for their college. Laura moves on and find s anew boyfriend who's believes in religion like her.

The film shows that we all go through problems. Religion or no religion, we all will deal with various issues at various stages in our life. The kids in this film are wise because they deal with the reality of the world through logic and reason instead of through man made doctrine. The subject matter is brave. I loved the way Tim's father deals with his son's homosexuality. He gives a very heart warming speech on Tim's birthday on how he has been a great son. It was difficult and I am very sure realistic too to see Austin and his wife's relationship because I bet you that there are many women and man out there in non compatible marriages unable to take drastic steps. Acting by all kids and characters is good. My one problem with the film was too many characters. For a small budget and clear film, I don't think the film maker needed to introduce so many characters. Nevertheless, it was a nice movie.

This film is a reflection on issues of personal identity and choice for which there are no easy answers. (7/10)

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