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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Taxi zum Klo (German) [Taxi to the Toilet]

When you see this film, you have to remember that this film came out way back in 1981. Things were way way different then. Despite this disclaimer, I am going to review this film as what I felt today after watching it. What things left impression on me and what were the things that I was bothered with. Moreover, I strongly believe that the title of the film is just not suited for the story that was presented. Sometimes, the title make s huge difference.

Based on autobiography of the actor-director himself, the film shows the life of Frank Ripploh. He is in 30's, gay man and a school teacher. He hides his sexual orientation from school but then is very very active in his sex escapades. He is constantly thinking whom and where to meet next. In fact, he even checks student papers in toilet while cruising. During one such instance, he meets Bernd. Their one night stand soon turns up into a stable relationship. Bernd has eyes for only Frank but this is not the same case with Frank. He is addicted to sex and looks for multiple partners. Bernd knows about Frank's cheating ways but is to much in love with Frank. Frank feels suffocated by the relationship boundaries but at the same time loves Bernd and wants to stay in the relationship. During the course of the film, we follow their lives showing Frank getting into drugs and his sexual escapades. Berlin Queer ball changes many things when Bernd can't take it anymore of Frank's philandering ways and decides that enough is enough. This is also the time when Frank decides to be himself in school and shows up dressed in drag for his students. The film doesn't end with a clear note of whether Bernd leaves Frank or not but it seems Frank is ultimately left thinking about his future and how long can he go on with his sexual fantasies.

I really liked the scene when Frank goes to his class in drag. It is a simple scene but his interaction with his students was somehow real and nice. I would n't have expected it but I liked it. Filmed in documentary style, Bernd and Frank play themselves in this role. There is not much in terms of entertainment. There are a few very graphical sex scenes which you seldom see in a mainstream film. I under how did they manage to pull that off! If you can stick through the entire film, kudos to you. I did because I was hoping something nice would come up.

I would say avoid but if you del a little voyeuristic like me, watch it for a few explicit sex scenes. (3.5/10)


JC said...

Buy the 30th Anniversary Remastered Edition of Taxi zum Klo here!

MRX said...

is one of my all time favorits i give six stars, but then again i'm an old pervert, I loved the scene where he goes for check ups of anal warts LOL

Golu said...

The scene with anal warts was sort of funny.. lol