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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Straight Jacket

Set in 1950's, this film is one of those over the top, romantic gay comedies, which I probably would have rated higher few years back. It is funny how perception on a film changes from an individual's perspective within a span of few years. My tastes in movies has also changed accordingly. These days, forced comedies don't do much for me and this is where this film also failed to keep my attention. It wasn't boring or anything but I just didn't get any laughter from any of the scenes shown.

Guy Stone, is a matinee idol and macho star who hides his homosexuality and leads a double life. He is the perfect bachelor for the outside world. In his private life, all he is looking for is the next male hunk who he can sleep with. Desperate to get the lead role in Ben-Hur, on the studio head's persistence, he agrees to marry the head's secretary Sally who is completely in awe of him. Everyone knows it is a sham except Sally. Some funny scenes follow with the closet husband and more than sexually eager wife. Guy then meets Rick Foster, a budding writer. Initially Guy just wants to hook up but Rick makes him realize that there is more to life. He makes Guy realize that the life he is leading is not worth it. They both spend as much time together eventually falling in love and discovered by Sally. What follows is as expected. He loses out on the movie and lives with Rick but in an unexpected turn of events, his agent as always comes up with a new plan and Guy is back in Ben-Hur, happy with his love.

Guy Stone acts really well. He suited the part of over the top budding actor very well. The way he would drool over every hunk on the set was very funny. Sally was annoying, to say the least. I just could not understand, how a woman who could not even speak in from t of Guy would suddenly dictate terms in the household (even though it is supposed to be funny). Rick is alright. He is supposed to be sexy but I somehow did not like him at all. I think he was a little misfit in that role. The woman playing Guy's agent was funny. The sets and costumes and flow of the film are quite well done, successfully transporting us to the dazzle of the Fifties and the many mindless motion pictures that flooded the screens.

A simple entertaining, easy on mind, fluffy gay date movie. (4.5/10)

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