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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gay Short Films : 13

No Soy Como Tú ( I am Not Like You) (Spain)
A so called straight guy spends alight with a gay guy but refuses to accept his homosexuality. When city drama forces the 2 men to spend some time together, he realizes that he cannot suppress his feelings for long and it is time he opened his heart for some love. But its too late. (7/10)

The Tie That Bind Me (UK)
2 men, supposedly straight, get into a conversation on a rainy evening. Filmed in a theatre setting, it has only 2 characters in their whity tights and just talking. And it seems that in the end, one of the guys is coming out. Totally random film. (2/10)

First Time (Israel)
A young gay guy arrives in Tel Aviv. He is supposed to stay with someone but cannot find him. He is now stranded on the streets. Till he meets another cute guy on a bus stop and after their eyes meet, he just follows him. (3/10)

Keel (UK)
Two teenage boys get stoned in a boat shed, lie in a boat and make an imaginary journey, until moment of intimacy takes them both by surprise. One guy kisses the other and the other lad reacted in an interesting way and it seems as if their close friendship will continue. I have to wonder if anything else will change in their lives. (6.5/10)

41 seconds (Germany)
2 friends are talking when they get into an argument on who kisses better. What follows is the most passionate kissing scene for 41 seconds. Hot !! (6/10)

Implication (Spain)
A short, sweet and surprisingly effective piece in which a mother confronts the man who had her son sacked for being gay. The humour is brash and laugh-out-loud funny. The sudden transition into seriousness at the end, is perhaps a little misjudged, but hardly detracts from a simple, thoroughly exuberant short. (7/10)

Cold Star (Germany)
A boy experiences new desires while watching a man at an indoor swimming pool. Forced up the diving platform by a rowdy gang, he receives unexpected help. The film connects the emotions of a short with beats and lyrics of music. The film is an appeal for acceptance of your own and others sexual identity. (4/10)

Celebration (US)
Young boy comes out to his very large and very republican looking family, with a strange result. Everyone applauds as if they just witnessed a graduation ceremony. (4/10)

Like A Brother (US)
Nate's parents are getting a divorce and he is spending his time with his neighbor Andy and his family. After a couple of drinks, in a moment of passion, they kiss and they like it. But the next day when Nate approaches Andy, the jock, he beats him up calling him a faggot just because he is with his 2 other macho friends. (6.5/10)

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