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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The War Boys

This movie deals with the subject of boundaries. Boundaries of race, of nationality, of sexuality, even generations. It pits father against son, American-born Mexican against an immigrant, an adopted sister against her older brother, and for one brief moment, a strong friendship versus romance. A small budget film, it does show the conflicts of stepping out from comforts of family to the unknown world.

Set in a small town somewhere close to US-Mexican border, the story deals with 3 friends: David, whose father Slater is rich and has something to do with cross border patrolling and who sent David away for higher studies to become a lawyer; George, an insecure boy whose father is cab driver and he has an adoptive Mexican girl, whom he never gets along well with and Gregorio, a young teenage of Mexican origin, now US citizen but still struggling every day to find his identity in US. These 3 men are part of the group called 'The War Boys' from college days where they do their own kind of patrolling, finding illegals and chasing them away. David has been suspended from college and is now home. Gregorio loves this older woman who runs a bakery shop. One night the guys decide to make money by stealing one of the trucks from border patrol, so that they can sell stuff bought illegally. They did manage to steal the truck but things start getting out of hand when cops are everywhere. They suspect Gregorio and his lady love (crush) because of their Mexican origins. Meanwhile David and George are struggling with their feelings for each other because they both love each other not just as friends but as partners. When they suspect that this truck has something more than just illegal stuff to sell in the truck , they decide to give it back but its too late. They find out that the truck actually had some illegal immigrants crossing the border Mexico to US and lack of water and air has left them dead. The boys are terrified. David's father comes to help but the boys refuse to leave because they feel guilty of being responsible for innocent deaths. David gets shot by cops and film ends with the boys surrounded by cops.

This is a courageous movie, full of stirring moments, sensuality, authentic emotions, love, hatred, ignorance, self-discovery. The way all the characters have been developed is amazing. I think this film can be an amazing mini series. The friendship evolving into relationship between David and George has been handled so well. I was warmly happy to see that. One of the best I have seen. Also Gregorio's fascination with the older woman and wanting to be with her is also shown great. Performances by every principal character is exemplary and worthy applauding. Most of all the credit should be given to the writer and director of the film. I loved the scene when david wants to come out to his father and he just shrugs saying that he is ok with it. It was a very casual scene but I guess the idea was that there are more important things in life to be concerned and worried about than someone's sexuality. As a society we have grown up.

An excellent young cast and a fine director make this a powerful little film that should not be missed. (7.5/10)


condemi said...

Loved this film.Amazing the father: is not worried at all for the son beeing gay,but for the social level of his choice!BTW do You think will David survive the shot?
Tks Luigi43

Golu said...

I absolutely think he will survive the shot. It did not look fatal. The question is what happens next with cops?

condemi said...

May be they will be suited but, they are young, uncensored, will be paroled very soon and can go togheter to a warm sunset ending.Luigi43

mickel said...

this is absolutely one of my fave movie,
interesting story line and shocking and unexpected ending..
but i find is so hanging... keep you wondering what happen next with the last scene.

Golu said...

Yeah it does but sometimes it is good to leave that way. Viewers can then have their own interpretation and be satisfied with the film watching experience.

moonlitlake said...

war boys is a good movie...Climax is superb.I loved the young girl.She talked sense beyond her age.

Golu said...

She actually talked way beyond her age. However mature you are , somehow I don't see kids talking like that at her age

moonlitlake said...

I liked that kid and her talking.Golu children can talk like that..they possess so much wisdom.. grown ups dont understand it.Its our problem.hey I have seen private romeo.Want to know what you think about it.