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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dunno Y... Na Jaane Kyun (Hindi/English)

What the hell was this? All this hype and such mediocre execution. The story had potential and if entrusted with an able director and better actors, this could have been something totally different. Touted as India's answer to Brokeback Mountain, I wonder if the actors feel really embarrassed when they go back and see this film and their association with it.

Margaret lives with her daughter in law Rebecca and her 3 grand kids - Ashley, Sam and Linda. Ashley is married to Jenny and have a daughter. Although the family pretends to be close-knit in front of the world, there’s a lot of tension between the members. Rebecca and Jenny hate Margaret because their ideologies don’t match. Rebecca's husband left her years ago in search of spirituality. Ash works in a MNC and Sam is looking for a job. Sam is in love with his sister in law Jenny and wants to settle down with her. One day suddenly Ash is shown to be gay and meets Aryan and they start dating. Then, one day, Ashley and Jenny have a fight and the latter walks out on the former. Sam makes the most of the situation, woos her and has a relationship with her. Aryan and Ash continue with their affair but just when Ash is about to break up with his wife, Aryan stops him because he doesn't want to break the household. The film gives very abrupt endings to every side story in the film.

The film deals with the happenings in the D’Souza household in the first half but it changes track at interval point so that the gay angle of the story takes precedence over all else in the second half. The story has all elements to shock Indian audience e.g., 2 men having sex and kissing , affair with sister in law and a mother dealing with a lll crude and vulgar passes made by her boss. The dialogues of the film are horrible. Most of the film is in English and the pronunciation is so bad. I could not stop laughing and giggling while watching this horrible piece. Even seasoned actors like Helen and Zeenat Aman cannot save this garbage.

The intentions were good but execution was horrible and even embarrassing to watch. (2/10)


Amy said...

You are too generous to give 2 points to this movie. I was so embarrassed to even watch it. I should have given negative marking for this horrifying execution and English.

Golu said...

I totally agree. Being an Indian myself, it was so embarrassing to watch this film with forced English