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Friday, June 8, 2012

Dimenticare Venezia (Italian) [To Forget Venice]

This effective drama about crisis and change in an unorthodox family is a film that was made way back in 1979. I don't know what was it, but the film failed to keep my attention for long. Maybe it was my brain wanting to get stimulated by actions and stuff but somehow the film felt too dramatic and unreal to me, even though now that I write this review, I am questioning why was that !

Marta, an ex-famous opera singer now live sin a country house near Venice. Her adopted niece Anna takes care of her with her girlfriend and childhood lover (?) Claudia. The usual routine life gets an uplift when Anna's brother Nicky arrives with his boyfriend Picchio to the house. Nicky and Anna are shown to have memories of the past. Anna has memories of her man-hating mother because her father left her mother, thereby turning Anna into a spiteful and stony woman. Nicky's memories are tender playing with his best friend and object of his affection and other happy times with Marta. The family is all having an excellent time but things change when Marta suffers a heart attack the next day, Anna and Nicky both go in desolation briefly before trying to put their life back together. Anna and Claudia leave for Milan in hope for a new life. Nicky decides to stay on at the estate and, while saying goodbye to Picchio, indicates his desire to give up the quest for eternal youth.

The performances in the film are consistent. They look good too if you see them form the 70s days. Some of the characters were not clearly explained and are left for the viewers to comprehend. I wished they had shown more of the relationship between the 2 couples but I guess I am just being selfish because I was hoping more gay romance but the film had everything but this. This film was more focussed on a brother and sister and their life. They just happen to be gay.

I was a little disappointed with the film but I had my reasons. I really would not make suggestions for you this one time. Go by your own instincts. (2.5/10)

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