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Saturday, June 9, 2012

As Melhores Coisas do Mundo (Portuguese) [The Best Things in the World]

I liked this film lot. It was modern and yet contemporary and as a viewer I was very engrossed and eager to know what is happening and I was invested in the film. This according to me is a sign of a good film. Set in the city of Sao paulo, Brazil; the film tells the story of 2 teenage brothers, discovering greatest and most important things in life growing up. This is technically not a gay film but nevertheless it is ok to put this film here since part of there growing up years get affected by something major 'gay'.

Mano is a 15 year teenager like any other. He concerns about going to school, playing the guitar, parting with his friends and trying to score the most beautiful girl in school. He tries to keep his life normal even if his relationship with his parents is falling apart. His parents have decided to separate because his father finally realizes that he is gay and does not want to lead a double life. Mano's best friend is Carol, a girl about his age who shares with him her feelings like being in love with her physics teacher. Mano shares the pain of his parents separation with his 17 year old brother Pedro, who is in a steady relationship with Bia, promising her of his eternal love. To make matters worse for the brothers in school, their lives are affected when their schoolmates discover that their father is gay and when Bia breaks up with Pedro. Pedro goes in severe depression to the extent of even an attempt to taking his life. The positive side is that Mano is growing up and is trying to find a right balance between things, including warming up to his father's boyfriend, spending time with his mother, making up for his mistakes to his classmates including his best friend Carol. With a sad story, we finally see a beginning of a happy life ahead.

This movie exposes so many subjects such as teenage sex, drugs, suicide, homosexuality, brotherhood, parenthood, friendship, love, innocence, secrets, music. This film also shows how the evolution of technology affects the lives of us. (the school blog exposing every student in school) It's impossible to not identify yourself after watching this film, to not have a nostalgic feeling for those who went through this age or for the ones who are going through right now. Acting was simply superb from everyone in the film. All principal characters including the supporting ones did a splendid job and the big credit goes to the director for this. Mano and Pedro showed two spectrums of teenage years and helped us viewers identify with the characters at some point or other. I feel, the only weak link was the mother's character. Her reactions were somehow fake and not what I would expect in an otherwise wonderful film.

Definitely recommended. This might not be a gay film per say but being gay is important part of it. (7.5/10)

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