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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gay Short Films : 12

A Crimson Mark (South Korea)
This is a short film produced by Koran National University of Arts and shows love in old Korea during the Chosun Dynasty. A secret relationship between two Korean government employees is complicated by the difference in the men's ranks. The 2 guys want the premier to act according to this individual suggestion and they are supposedly opposition members but they have a secret love going on among them. A very simple ordinary story. (4.5/10)

Les puceaux (France) [The Virgins]
A simple yet beautifully done story. 2 boys are sitting and talking. It turns out they are both virgins. One with boys and the other with girls. The pleasure, anxiety and fear of doing it with a virgin and teaching the ropes is shown very beautifully. The end was specially nice when one by says to the other that he wants to kiss him. (6/10)

Between The Boys (US)
Two handsome easy going boys playing, giggling and tickling, the very erotic shower scene, and the snow fight -- and then BAM a twist to end all homo erotic twists. It turns out they are both brothers. A beautiful beginning , an excellent continuation with a very shocking end. (6.5/10)

Zucht (Netherlands) [Sigh]
For twelve-year-old Erik finds himself increasingly attracted to the physical frame of Arend; the father of his best friend Sofie. Trouble is, Sofie has the hots for him, being only too willing to extend an invitation to Erik to join father and daughter on a bicycle ride to a nearby lake. Only once in the water, can Erik turn the situation around to express the true nature of his heart? I think the films was beautifully done. Simple, short and sweet.(7/10)

Basketball And Maths (France)
Cedric falls in love with his straight best mate Jerome but he doesn't know what to do. Jerome is basketball leader and he learns Maths from Cedric. One day he suddenly out of impulse kisses Cedric but later snubs him. Cedric is pacified by his elder brother (one of the best scenes ever). Finally Jerome struggles with him own sexuality and comes around back to Cedric asking him to hang out and play basketball. Fantastic film and I liked every minute of the film. (8/10)


mickel said...

i guess you exchange the names in basketball and math .cedric is the basketball guy and jerome is the one who is good in math

Golu said...

It is very possible. I am surprised I remember the names.. lol

mickel said...


i hope you can make some review of some filipino gay theme films which i consider nice and worthy to be put here in your blog.

-The Thank you girls.


-Ang Lalake sa Parola (The man in the lighthouse)

-Rome and Juliet (lesbian)

-Miguel/Michele (1998)

-Ang Lihim ni Antonio (antonio's secret)



-The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela

-Ded na si Lolo

-Sikil(Unspoken Passion)


-Huling halik

I also want to see your review on themovie Yossi and Jagger and Mysterious skin.

thank you! and More power to your blog.

your avid fan here ^^

Golu said...

Thanks Mickel for being supportive. I will definitely try to get my hand son the movies that you have suggested and write up my reviews on those as and when I see those films

I really appreciate feedback and all the suggestions

hilda said...

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Golu said...
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Golu said...

Thanks hilda but i am already taken :)