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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just One Time

This film could as well be an equivalent of a chick flick, except this one is for gays. A cute subject, a simple and engaging direction with pretty above average performances definitely make this film a good fun time pass. I saw this film about 5-6 years ago, before I started writing this blog, so I had to watch this film again to give a fresh perspective to the film when I write about it.

The story is pretty simple. Anthony, a fireman is very much in love with Amy and they are gonna get married soon. Victor a neighborhood boy has a huge crush on Anthony (and I think Amy is aware of it). Anthony has always fantasized of Amy with another women for a 3some. Initially reluctant, Amy finally gives in on his bachelor party day but try soon there is a twist. She asks Anthony to do a 3some with a guy before she does that with a girl. Enter Victor, who is more than glad to help. Funny incidents happen leading to Victor going out on a 'date' with Anthony and his friends who after a period of time start loosening up and get friendly with Victor. Pretty soon, things start getting complicated when neither of them wants to dpi the right thing but at the same time they both think they are right. Amy tries to experiment with a neighborhood lesbian but it doesn't work. Anthony doesn't understand what's going on and we see them drifting apart with totally baseless misunderstandings. Finally everything is well when everything is cleared and they are both back together minus the condition of a threesome. Victor also finds love with one of Anthony's friends.

You have to watch this film with a pinch of salt, in the sense that you should not take this film very seriously. Just watch it for pure innocent fun. A funny tale of male chauvinism colliding with energetic feminism. What I loved about the film was the chemistry between the couple. They were not like in each other's business all the time. It was very New Yorker, when they have a studio apartment and a usual city couple. The "message" of the movie is that when two people are in love, that that should be enough for both of them. Some fantasies are meant to remain just that, fantasies. It is also about acceptance and compassion and coming to terms with one's identity.

A funny film, although very predictable to some extent. (6.5/10)

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