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Monday, May 14, 2012

Consenting Adult

One very important thing to remember when you watch this film is that the film was made for TV way bak in 1985. That was the time when homosexuality was not widely accepted. In fact, it was not even openly talked about. It was some sort of disgrace to a family, so the reactions that you see in the film are more relevant.

Ken and Tess are a happily married couple and Ken is just fought cancer and is healthy. They have a son Jeff who studies in college and a daughter Margie who is expecting her baby. Both parents are very proud of Jeff. After having struggled very hard with himself and lying to everyone, Jeff decides to tell his mother that he is gay. Though his mom is unnerved by the revelation, she tries her best to remain supportive in front of him—despite insisting that he seek therapy to "fix" the situation. But for Ken, it is devastating for him to know that his only son is gay. Not knowing how to deal with the situation, he starts avoiding his son on purpose. Soon the very close knit family starts to break apart. As Jeff continues the therapy and even goes out on a date with girl, he finally accepts who he is and that he can't change it. When he tells his parents that he now KNOWS he is gay (After he finally has sex with another man), hell breaks loose and he is cut off form his parents money. Jeff starts school on his own, with support from his sister and brother-in-law, meet Scott, his love of life and time moves on. Ken finally slowly starts coming around but still cannot say anything to Jeff and writes a letter to him. The letter reaches Jeff only after Ken passes away. More time passes on and finally now even the mother comes around and the film has a very positive ending when she invites Jeff and Scott home over for Christmas.

Because it is set in 1980's, some of the acting (or over-acting) seems strange and uncalled for . But then maybe thats how the parents reacted in 80's! lol. Yeah, the movie was a very strong step in80's and probably helped a lot of teenagers coming out during that time. It also probably helped messaging across parents that homosexuality is not really a disease. It is just who you are. The focus is more on coming out and dealing with family over what it is like being gay, which is fine because there are tons of more movies dealing with that subject. It is sad that this film is not available on dvd. The copy I saw was a poor VHS version but then I am glad that at least I got to see it.

Overall, the movie is very compelling, wonderfully acted, and will tug at the heart. (5.5/10)

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