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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Billy Elliot (UK)

This film is filled with great performances, a heart-touching plot, an underdog winning and the circumstances that feel too real. It will be wrong to categorize this film as strict gay-film but I think this definitely falls as a gay cult classic given the nature of the lead character and the storyline.

11 year old Billy lives with his widowed father and older brother, who work in a coal mine factory which in on a strike. One day when his father takes him for boxing class, he immediately dislikes it and chances upon a ballet class that issuing the same gym. Unknown to Jackie, Billy joins the ballet class. When Jackie discovers this, he forbids Billy to take any more ballet. But, passionate about dancing, Billy secretly continues lessons with his dance teacher. His teacher thinks that Billy deserves to study at the Ballet school in London but both his brother and father prohibit him from doing so thinking that everyone will think Billy is gay. Over Christmas, Billy learns his best friend, Michael, is gay. Although Billy is not, he is supportive of his friend. When accidentally,his father watches his son dance, he realizes how truly gifted he is and he will help Billy attain his dream. Billy gives his audition and after waiting in fear that he has ruined his chances, he gets accepted in ballet school. The film ends 14 years later, showing Billy taking stage to perform in the 'Swan Lake' production.

The film is devoid of any melodrama or over the top acting thankfully. The characters and situations are very real and believable. The film has a lot of silent moments and things said just through eyes. Billy has a strong screen presence and is a very natural actor.  His dancing is honest and powerful, and very masculine. The gay subplot has been dealt with honesty. Billy's problem is that he must fight not only against bad obstacles and misunderstanding but also against strong social stereotypes. Several brilliant come scenes and bright humor greatly emphasize the struggles of the main hero. All the supporting actors also did a brilliant job. I have already seen the tim twice and I still enjoy it.

I recommend this to all, expect to be entertained with great plot twists as well as interesting characters, wonderful dialogue, and a story that can never grow old. (7.5/10)

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