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Monday, May 14, 2012

American Translation (French)

After watching this film, I asked myself whether this film was really a work of cinema or more of artistic pornography. I still do not know the answer. The film sourced from various studies of serial killers, goes all over the place. There should be a story that goes somewhere rather than just a series of incidents to make the audience gasp.

Chris, a young man is a wanderer and likes to pick up people and have sex with them and kill them. He meets a young rebellious young French-American Aurore in a hotel bar and drives her out to the woods in his van, where they have lots and lots of sex. Instead of murdering her, Chris begins an intense sexual relationship with Aurore and the pair move into a flash apartment owned by her wealthy but frequently absent businessman father. They both start falling love. One day Chris picks up a male prostitute and accidentally kills him. Things take a dark ugly turn from there. What follows next is a series of events where Chris either by himself or with Aurore picks up young men in the pretext of having sex and kills them. This gives him a feel of superior power and gets him excited. Aurore, initially shocked wants to understand Chris and then supports him fully (very weird). This goes on, till finally just when the couple is about to move to US, gets caught by the cops and is put behind bars.

The film has lack of sub plots to keep you interested. There are long stretched out scenes of long driving with some music. The montages are lazy, too long and boring. It is a very one dimensional film. It is a twisted film but just for the sake of it. Acting by the 2 principal people is good buts many things are not explained. A simple one, for example, on why are Chris and Aurore so much in love with each other. What is it about Chris, that Aurore accepts her with all his faults including him being a bisexual and a murderer. I mean, common.

It is a disjointed film, which i believe is pretty much waste of time. (3/10)


moonlitlake said...

I agree with You Golu.But something about the guy was intriguing.He was a bastard.But he was gay,trapped in straight guys life.

Golu said...

I am not sure I agree. He clearly loved his girlfriend a lot but there was something in him that made him lure gay men and kill them. Maybe some sort of guilt or something of having sex with men?