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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gay Short Films : 11

My Name Is Love (Sweden)
When 'Love', a young college student, spends the night with another man, he surrenders to manipulation. This man, named Sebastian, mocks Love for being a virgin and tells him to get out of there, as he has no interest in having sex with someone who doesn't know what to do. Love then affirms that he is willing to do whatever Sebastian asks of him. And that mistake ends up Love being raped by Sebastian. Interesting film depicting the account of what might happen when 2 strangers (denying homosexuality) come together for pure carnal desires. (4/10)

Night Swimming (US)
Otter and Darcy are best friends. Otter has a thing for Darcy but he just got selected to a college. On their way to a music concert, their car breaks down and they are forced t o spend sometime in the woods. After swimming naked in the river, things happen between them at night which will change their friendship forever. 2 best friends who could never be away from each other, now have this awkwardness. But this helps Otter to take a major decision to go to college now. (6/10)

Buď sám sebou {Be Yourself]
Adam and Michal become lovers through Internet chatting. After meeting each other in person one afternoon, Adam wants the relationship out in the open whilst Michal prefers it kept in the closet. How can the new affair last? They know they care for each other but Michal is afraid of social consequences. Ultimately love conquers all. (6/10)

Disarm (Australia)
Two gay men hook up online. The younger one goes to visit the older one. The older one is full of himself and his body and good looks. Younger one feels he has age on his side. Their attempt at sex falls flat and they start to talk. During the talk there's a lot revealed about their characters, their feelings about being gay and sex in general. Their talk is fascinating. They show and talk about gay relationships unlike any other movie I've ever seen. It pulls no punches and hits some interesting truths and subjects head on. (5.5/10)

Slow (US)
This is a story of a blind date, in the literal sense. A guy shows up as a blind hook up call and starts undressing wanting to do things with th eguy who invited him but he is not interested. This makes the visitor mad and angry and he does a violent attack. Thankfully our host saves himself thanks to a kitchen knife. Agression level soon does down and the hot invites th eguest for dinner and that is when we realize along with the guest that the host is actually blind. (4/10)

Spring (UK)
Spring is about a young man seeking to discover his sexual boundaries with a stranger. Rightly or wrongly, Joe decides to venture down an unconventional path where he find moments that repel and excite him profoundly. The film shows how we can let ourselves be used and what we are capable of inflicting on others. The encounter is full of little ritualistic intimacies that will shape this young man's life - and his life will never be the same again. (5.5/10)

Lie Detector (US)
Dane only has one chance to make a stellar first impression. Good thing there's a lie detector present at his job interview! He's screwed. And he's going to find out just how much the truth really hurts. It was a funny film, totally unexpected and kept me laughing. The questions being asked and the reactions when lie detector would beep was pretty funny. All in all, a very very novel idea for a short film. (6/10)

The Favor (US)
This was a gay comedy. Michael has total crush on Bogdan. When Bogdan invites Michael to his house asking for a special special favor, Michael thinks that this might be his chance but he gets teased. Bogdan asks him to drive him to a store. Once there he tells him that he needed to buy condom for them for sex. Michael gets excited again only to then later find out that they both were supposed to have sex with a girl. The way the film plays out is very funny and real as well at the same time. (7/10)

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