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Friday, April 6, 2012

Guter Junge (German) [A Good Boy]

Now this could be a controversial film in terms the content. This films on the borderline of gay cinema or regular cinema but either way the subject of the film is pretty controversial. The good thing is that it is handled with maturity and sensitivity.

After his mother's death, 17-year-old Sven moves in with his dad Achim, a taxi driver, who had divorced his mother several years earlier. Sven hardly speaks to his father and prefers doing things on his own in his room. It is not easy for Achim to get used to an adolescent around the house. Achim has a girlfriend Julia who tries to come close to Sven but fails. After a while Julia starts wondering as to why does Sven always hang around young boys and not people of his own age. She suspects that maybe Sven is gay but the truth, when it comes out is much more chilling. Sven has pedophile tendencies. Proof is soon found on videos that shock and sicken Achim. Sven himself is shattered and regrets his actions. Julia suggests therapy, but Achim is convinced that he and Sven can handle this together. They do various things together to keep his mind off, which includes Achim locking Sven in his room on his insistence. There is this young boy who slowly falls in love with Sven but Sven now struggles with keeping his own feelings in check because he does not want to be one of those people whom no one cares about. Sven realizes that if he continues he will soon find no place of himself in the society. But at the same time,The elusive nature of himself forces him to continually prey on young boys.

We also see that Sven is obsessed with staying young. He does not want to be 18 and prefers keeping his body smooth and hanging out with young boys. Is the reason being that he lingers for childhood? Desire is invested in an abject (young boys) through whom, Sven fulfills his sexual and non-sexual fantasies. The topic, like I mentioned is very controversial. I can't even imagine, what does the father go through, if you find your son has pedophile tendencies. How do you deal with it. Achim acted really really well as an estranged father who wants too come close back to his son but at the same time wants to do the right thing. Sven , as the troubled teenager also brings the character to life.

The film gives 'shock value' because of content and thankfully not because of some explicit scenes. Controversial, yet very intelligent and thoughtful. (7/10)

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