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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brûlantes (French) [Water Drops On Burning Rocks]

I am not very sure what was the point of the director behind this film. I mean this could have been an excellent play (which I believe it is based on) but from a theme perspective, it was a little confusing. The film is a commentary on relationships and sexuality. It did shows how a self-indulgent bisexual man restructures the lives of 3 people as he introduces them to new sexual adventures.

50 year old suave businessman Leopold picks up a shy 19 year old boy Franz and brings him back to his house. They both indulge in a verbal game of seduction. Their motive is clear but they play with words. Franz tell Leopold about his girlfriend Anna and how they are going to get married and Leopold tells him about his fiance. Act 1 concludes with Franz lying naked waiting for Leopold. Act 2 shows the 2 men living together, just like a married couple, fighting over every little thing. Franz is in stay home wife mode taking care of Leopold. Meanwhile Leopold is clearly a tyrant in his own place and not about to change for the whims of this young man whom he likes in bed, but nowhere else. After an argument, they switch positions and this time it is Leopold waiting for Franz. Act 3brings more tension when Anna arrives in the apartment. She wants to marry Franz. They have sex but Leopold can't get over the fact of how much he loves Leopold but how Leoplod is over him and he just cries and cries. When Leopold arrives back, Franz wants to leave but this time it is Anna who is completely charmed by Leopold. Last act shows a mystery woman Vera arrive. It turns out that she is Leopold's ex-girlfriend woo was so much in love with Leopold that she got a sex change operation just to please him but Leopold got bored with her an dmade her a whore. Franz sees himself totally trapped in Leopold's love and lust and commits suicide. The film ends showing Anna being his object of seduction and he maybe trying to put her as a prostitute to make quick money.

The movie is a little odd but still holds the attention of the viewer who is just waiting to see what will happen next. The film is very heavy on words but the going ons are kept good by some really good performances. I think Anna's character was not clearly defined, so I think she was not as powerful as the other actors. Leopold acts very well as a mixture of greed, affection, power, selfishness. So does Franz with innocence and as a man completely madly in love with Leopold.

The movie appears to be story of heartlessness and destruction at the core of people and relationships. Interesting fare. (6.5/10)


moonlitlake said...

Its actually a play,translated into cinematic form.Ozon adopts the dramatic format and it keeps it gripping to the very end.

Golu said...

You are right. BUt I still think this would have been an excellent play but not such a great film (like most plays converted from theatre to big screen)

moonlitlake said...

I agree...But then I wont get to see it.