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Sunday, April 8, 2012


This is probably a great movie for teens but for people my age, this was not fun; at all. There were things which just did not make any sense, they did not keep you entertained and finally when everything is being given a closure , a lot of explanations are just not given. I have never attended a summer amp but maybe this is how the camps are. Weird things happen. This camp is different in the sense that this is for misfits, gays and drag queens.

Camp is story of Vlad, a straight boy who likes attention and love; of Michael, who is a wanna drag queen and was bullied in school and denied access to his prom because he was in a dress and a couple of other misfits in the process. But central character is Vlad. Story is simple as to how kids interact during camp, play games with each other, even to hurt others but ultimately everyone here is to find their own identity. Nothing specific in trims of story. Vlad is used by a beautiful girl, she is mean to every other girl, Vlad will do anything to get attention , Michael likes Vlad who makes it clear that he is straight but they become close friends, so close that Vlad might at some point even kiss Michael because thats what he wants. Just usual stuff.

Now, the problem with this film is that it is so focused on the sexy-abbed straight guy Vlad amongst all the gay guys and drama girls that the movie really loses its way. Characters go undeveloped or underutilized. Story lines are undernourished and many of them seem to just be serving to show that these kids were actually at the camp so you aren't surprised later when they show up in one of the numbers. It was absolutely wrong to promote this film as a gay film. There were a few fun moments but thats about it.

If you are a struggling with sexuality teenager or just teenager , you might like it.Others, I am sure there are better films. (3/10)


ceridwen said...

I haven't seen this movie and now I probabily wont, anyway I just wanted to tell you, did you watch C.R.A.Z.Y.? it's more about the relationship between a father and his sons rather than about gay relationship. I guess it could be a coming out movie. Anyway, it's really nice, i didn't find it on your list and wanted to tell you

Golu said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I have seen the film but I saw it before I started writing this blog. So, at some point I am gonna watch this again and write about it here.
Glad that you are enjoying my blog.