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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss

This film falls under the gay romantic comedy genre. There are not many gay themed films that are known in mainstream Hollywood but this is one of the films that common man has at least heard of, maybe because it premiered in the very reputed Sundance Film festival way back in 1998. Jack from Will & Grace is our main protagonist here and plays his part very well. There is a main theme that the movie targets but then there are all these things that go on the side. The name of the film comes from Billy's latest project which is a series of remakes of famous Hollywood screen kisses.

Billy is a photographer by profession. He moved to LA from Indiana when he released that no one in Indiana is gonna accept him for who he is. His best friend Perry is gay, (and I think Perry likes Billy but Billy has no idea about that) and his room mate is his fag hag Georgiana. Billy is sleeping around with Fernando who has a boyfriend but they have a fling on the side. Tired of being the 'other man' Billy wants love in his life, the real love. He meets Gabriel in a restaurant and Billy is instantly attracted to him. He is not sure about Gabriel's sexuality but still want to give it a try. He offers him his project on redoing the most famous Hollywood screen kisses. Gabriel soon finds himself into the modeling world being pursued by other photographers (of course of this good looks and his body). Billy and Gabriel one night get into an awkward situation as well when they sleep together. Throughout the movie Gabriel pretends that he was never sure about his sexuality although towards the end he leaves Billy by himself by walking arm in arm with his gorgeous model boyfriend.

So, the story is about wanting true love in life and doing everything, going that extra lie to find that love. Even if that means investing emotionally and physically in some unknown person not knowing anything for sure about him, this film shows us all. The film also gives us a reality check on how many some people could use you to get big into the big bad world of modeling and hollywood. Billy does a great job with occasional dances, although truth be told, there is not much to do as an actor in this role. Gabriel is good looking although he looks more like poor man's Brad Pitt. Most of the physical intimacies are kept out of the way, letting eyes and words describe the emotions of each character.

The film does offer entertainment and if you like romantic comedies that too in gay genre. (5/10)

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