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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Alle Tijd (Dutch) [Time To Spare]

First thing that comes to mind after the movie ends is how talented the entire cast was. Everyone in this film has done complete justice to their characters and somehow seem very fit to the role that they ere given. The movie starts slow but very quickly picks up pace and has various small subtle stories in between giving support to the main theme story of a brother and his sister.This is a story about families and how they come to grow, in all shapes and sizes, and what gives them their resilience and vitality, their importance in our lives.

Marteen in an older gay man who lives with his sister Molly. Molly now wants to move in with her boyfriend. Marteen starts to realize the emptiness in his life with Molly gone. Over a period of time Molly's boyfriend starts acting weird and even cheat's on her. When she can't take it anymore she decides to come back to her brother. Marteen , in the meantime, meets a gorgeous man, who is straight but something about marten attracts him and he slowly and unsurely falls in love with him. Molly meets a handsome doctor and they start dating soon. Soon Molly finds out that she is pregnant. Her ex-boyfriend realizes his mistake and begs her to come back which she obliges but his ways of life have not yet changed. Meanwhile Marteen's life revolves so much around himself or Molly that he does not think or care too much about his boyfriend's feelings. When Molly is diagnosed with cancer, everyone is shattered. She brings her ex-boyfriend and current lover together. Marteen and his boyfriend who broke up earlier come back together after she dies. Marteen , who originally brought up his little sister Molly is now left with taking care of her son.

The last moments of the film are very poignant. Its been a while since I sobbed while watching a film. For some reason I could see and feel the pain that the characters were going through. The relationship that Marteen and Molly shared was very nicely done. Any brother-sister might relate to it. The vet doctor with whom Molly later meets is shown as a sugary sweet one0dimensional character. It is very hard to believe why he blindly would accept all of Molly's faults when he himself is good looking , educated and decent guy. What is it about her that he can't let go off. My other problem with the film was that they tried to pack in too much into the story. If the story was kept a little simpler, it would have been better but it still doesn't take away from all the merits the film offers.

The film is heartbreaking but has its moments of light-hearted fun. I loved it. (8/10)

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