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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sam yuen yi ma (Cantonese) [The Accident]

This film is one of those which encompasses several short films and somehow show some connection between them an drake a full length feature film out of it. The stories in this film were interconnected very briefly and could have very feel kept separated. This film, in my opinion, was not directed very well and even from acting perspective was not successful in holding on my attention.

In 199, after a railroad accident, a few passengers get stranded or are waiting for their loved ones to show up. All this happens on a lonely night in Hong Kong. A tourist guide misses his flight from China and is now waiting for a train. His cell phone gets stolen and now he cannot reach his girlfriend, who is visiting during a hiatus in her studies in London. He goes for a meal at a restaurant where adult film actress Ding Li is shooting her latest movie, under prison like conditions. She takes up fancy for him, makes him do a scene in her adult film and they hook up in the night. On the other hand, his girlfriend has nowhere to go and when her male friend can’t provide roof over her head for the night, her visit to a nightclub leads to her meeting an older airline captain. The third story is about a gay taxi driver. He meets a teenage thief and hustler who is visiting from China and they both get an instant liking for each other. The taxi driver is under debt and one of his friends is helping him but but she wants sex in return. He is confused and is falling in love with the teenage guy but he cannot leave his city and go with him. The boy is now leaving for home after the railroad is cleared. The 3 stories go hand in hand and Philip and CIndy meet each other and keep their secrets as if nothing happened.

The film is shot in urban Hong Kong with mostly nameless characters. The gay sex scene is interesting. Acting wise, I thought there as a lot to be desired by all the main actors. The way the stories tried to connect just fell flat. For the first 10-15 minutes, I was very confused as to what really was going on . Even the transitions were not smooth. I think a little more background about the characters would have helped. It is very hard to empathize with any of them. Agreed, the film is only supposed to show us what happens with these people over a night but there should a little more to the screenplay, if you want to keep the viewers engaged.

Interesting premise but very disappointing end result. (2.5/10)


Radha Santadharma said...

It's a stream of consciousness movie.

For an explanation, see;

Golu said...

Thanks for the lead man. I will read it