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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Romeo And Julio (Croatian)

Romeo and Julio is the first trash gay break dance musical, a parody of Romeo and Juliet in a fully synchronized to the Croatian. The main theme of the film is based on the story of Shakespeare tragedy "Romeo and Juliet". The film was shot on various locations in Split, and installed in the premises of the Cinema Club Split.

This film was so bad, so bad, so bad.. that I can't even begin to start. First of all the acting was pathetic. Dialogues were going somewhere and the expressions were going somewhere totally different. The fact that I had to see this film with subtitles was not helping. The subs were done in poetic rhyming fashion, which trust me, was not adding any fun at all. Worse is when you are 10 minutes in the movie and for next 20 odd minutes, all you see is people taking turns dancing in a party room. It was bizarre. I love dance and like to watch it but this film was torture. Not even the dances were good.

Definitely definitely stay away. I do not know which expert classified this film as comedy. This is a tragedy and that too a really bad one. (0/10)

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