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Sunday, February 26, 2012

L'escorte (French) [The Escort]

It is a little weird/odd to watch gay themed films that are relatively older because they sometimes deal with subjects or the way they deal with it is a little, i don't know what the word is, strange. This film was made in 1996 and even after seeing the movie, I still cannot figure out what was it that the film wanted to focus on. Was it relationships, love, friendship, HIV, careers ? What was it all about? Maybe while writing this, I will figure something out.

Philippe is 30 something gay man living with slightly older Jean-Marc, his lover of seven years. Their restaurant has been a failure for about a month and Philippe's mother now wants her money back that she invested in the restaurant since she is separating from her husband. Jean-Marc and Philippe are hosting a small party. We soon learn that Philippe's long time friends Nathalie and Christian are keeping a secret from him. At the party, some guest orders for an escort to come over which is quickly interrupted by Jean-Marc. After the guests leave the party, Steve, a handsome young man appears at the door. It seems the escort has arrived. After Jean-Marc and Steve `consummate' the deal, Steve asks to stay the night. Philippe comes back and now the 3 man deal with one another. The movie does not move much from here with random incidents happening and Natalie asking Christian to tell Philippe that he is HIV positive. Nothing much happens and it turns out that Steve is Christian's ex-lover who freaked out after finding about CHristian and was in Philippe's house to learn how to love since the couple had been together for seven years.

Like I said, there is not much that happens in the film. It is neither drama not comedy. The acting is sincere and the characters do ok but the screenplay and direction levee a lot to be desired. Natalie's character and even Christian for that matter is not well defined. I think if the story just focussed on the 3 friends, it would have made even a better story.

I don't want to call it outrightly bad but there is nothing even good in the film. Below average. (3/10)

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