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Monday, February 13, 2012

Leaving Blank

This film was a semi-porn film; actually come to think of it, it was a porn film with a story attached to it. The story and premise were interesting but I fail to understand what was the logic behind adding so many full on sex scenes. If the idea was just to seduce the audience, then it was achieved but then if you wanted to send out amore meaningful message, things could have been handled way differently.

Todd, is a high profile lonely middle-aged man. He broke up with his boyfriend sometime ago and now needs to satisfy his loneliness & his sexual desires. He decides to hire a hustler and invite him over to New York. Enter Paul, a a rugged masculine dude who is in NY to spend the entire weekend with Todd. Todd is finally ready to experience all of the potentially dangerous things that he has fantasized about, but has never actually done before: including hardcore drugs, anonymous sex with multiple partners, un-safe sex, and more. They have hot sex which Todd films. Todd introduces them to a 'party' where they both, do drugs and have random sex. They both come back, have more sex. They go to bed during which Todd decides to end his life. He overdoses himself on drugs and wine. Paul just runs away from the scene when he wakes up to find Todd in such a condition.

Like I said before, there is not much to story. There are a few decent moments when they both share their past with each other but that scene is so slow and dragging that it tests your patience where you just wanna scream at the actors to make it quick. In the story line above, I have mentioned sex a few times. Just imagine full on triple-x sex lasting 10-15 minutes. There is nothing left for viewers imagination. Paul was good looking and given a chance , I think can do well in acting. Todd, also the director of the film was ok. His character in my opinion was a little under-developed.

Easily a forgettable film in all aspects unless you wanna see lot of sex in the name of a non-porn film. (2/10)

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