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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

5 Fantastic Short Films

I Want Your Love

Many people thought of this film as a porn film. I mean this has lot of graphic nudity and sex but there is something artistic about this film that I like. 2 close friends one night in drunk state decide to get physically close to each other. The film focuses on how the rest o fight plays out. I think the 2 main guys acted very well and were very natural in both sex and regular scenes. This film definitely can be modified into a full length feature film. (7.5/10)

The Golden Pin (Canada)
Set in Canada’s multicultural milieu, Long, an only child, has kept his homosexuality a secret from his parents. Under pressure from his father to continue the family line, Long proposes to his long-time girlfriend Vanessa, much to the chagrin of Long's swim teammate Ryan, who confronts Long about his true feelings at their next swim practice. Sensing her son's growing distress, Long's mother tells him about a painful choice she made just before she married his father. Beautifully directed and acted, this film touched me. Th sonly negative was the overacting by lady playing the mother. (7.5/10)

Al Buio (Italian) [In The Dark]
Another beautiful film. This film shows relationships between 2 room mates. One of them is about to go out with a girl for the saturday night and the other one wants him to stay back. They get into this heated argument of why he never goes out and everyone thinks he is weird to which he replies he just loves him. And how can he forget how they have been engaging in physical relationship every week albeit in the dark. It ha s a touching and a good end. You can feel the struggles of the 2 guys in this film. Good one. (7.5/10)

The Love Permit
This film is set within an alternate reality where it seems you have to get an official government permit before you can dare to fall in love with someone. Individuals are constantly monitored and only if they have been successfully following all the protocol, will they get the permit. The Love Permit takes aim at laws preventing gay marriage. The film although futuristic or unrealistic is a little scary just to think 'what if' this really happens. (6.5/10)

Mormor's Visit
A Swedish man living in New York City gets a surprise visit from his senile grandmother, who has escaped from the nursing home and literally flown to freedom. He has no idea what to do with her or how to explain that is a naked man in his bed. It is a very touching and beautiful story. The connection between a grandmother and grandson is so beautiful. I had a smile throughout while watching the film. (7.5/10)


Amy said...

If you ask me, I didn't like the short film "I want your love" Every relationship is special and a friend? never. Hey I suggest you should watch "Memories in March" Indian movie.

Golu said...

I have seen 'Memories of March' and i quite liked it. I must have missed reviewing it on this website. It was a very very interesting film

ceridwen said...

I really liked "I want your Love", thanks for the review. I don't know if it could be seen as a porno but I surely would like pornos to be more like this one. They can be so boring and repetitive! And the corny expression!Eww What is sexy about that? :)

ceridwen said...

oops I meant *cocky* not *corny*

Golu said...


condemi said...

Let's not forget they are not just roommates and by chance lovers. Very hot for a Vaticanistan ,pardon Italy, movie.