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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Pretty Boys

It is very surprising that there is no entry for this film in imdb, especially since the director of this film has made other prominent gay films and some of them are really good as well. This is a retro film set in early 70s when rock and roll was in. The film definitely carries that look and you feel you are there (which was not too hard, considering 85% of the film is set in rooms and indoors).

A young drug runner Dondo accidentally becomes the assistant to the manager of a glam rock bank while they are finishing their last song for their new album. Thanks to their manager Vangela, who recruits Dondo because he helps him cure the craziness of their lead singer Pagan who is a drug addict. Pagan, Dondo and Vangela are enjoying the drugs and sex life together. Things change when Pagan's partner Craig dies of drug overdose. Vangela wants Dongo to help her, so that Pagan doesn't find out about Craig's death. She wants him to focus and somehow finish the last song of the album. More drugs and sex follows. 2 girls drug Dongo and kidnap Pagan, because they are into some kind of black magic, something to do with rockstars. The film keeps going and suddenly people change. Dongo sees sense and somehow manages to convince Pagan to record their last song. After that Pagan finds out about the death of Craig which leaves him devastated. Leaving a trail of drugs, sex and demonic delusion the band has traveled the ragged road of collaboration and passion right to its end.

The film started off well and I thought it would be interesting but as the film progressed, it became a little hard to keep my attention. The director did a great job of depicting scenes when the characters are high on drugs and how people can do all kinds of things when they are under the effect but these scenes were too much and too detailed. From a story's perspective, there was a lot to be desired. It was never explained if Dongo was already in love with someone, why was he working with Pagan? Acting wise, thankfully everyone did a decent job. I think Pagan was completely in his character and did great. Even otherwise no one seemed to overact, which is a good thing.

This is a very different film with a weird drug theme. If you maybe watch with lot of patience you can get through. (3.5/10)

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