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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hello My Love (Korean)

Love is that queasy feeling in the stomach that only seems to be cured by alcohol until the queasiness turns to desperate sex. This film is a light drama that follows the above said principle. There are lots of ups and downs with a simple story. Different people have different views of love and how the equations keep changing between them based on this theory, is what this movie is all about.

Kim Ho-Jeong dishes advice to lovelorn callers in her radio program with heightened optimism. Her fiancee Yoo Won-jae has been away in Paris for 2 years and she is waiting for him to come back and propose to her. He arrives from Paris with another man Lee Dong-hwa who everyone thinks has come with Yoo Won-jae to start the restaurant business. Still hopelessly waiting for her man to propose her, Ho-jeong doesn't take long to discovers the two guys are a couple and her lover is now gay. After the initial shock is gone, she asks him for one more chance and date her for a month so that she can try her best. Of course, this doesn't help. In the meantime the 3 people start sharing a bond of friendship even though it is awkward. They all feel its love thats binding them together. On the eve of their restaurant opening, Dong-hwa's former lover arrives from Paris and hell breaks lose. Everyone finds out about Yoo Won-jae being gay and Lee Dong-hwa is forced to return back. Time keeps going on. Flash forward, a family emergency brings back the 3 people together. Yoo Wong-jae is single and very much in love with Lee Dong. Ho-jeong has finally moved on and is doing something worthwhile with her life. Lee DOng returns back from arrives to Korea but although they show him with his ex-lover, it is never very clear whether he got back with him or not. The film ends with he possibility that their friendship with wine is still pretty much alive.

Use of wine is very extensive in the film. Lee Dong is supposed to be the wine-guy , so the team is drinking wine is almost every scene. I really dunno whether it was all that necessary or not. The film started off as a drama but there were more than a few times where the drama seemed more comical. Ho-Jeong watching her ex running home in the rain, running home to be with another, running not walking, is a quick, quiet moment that firmly puts their recent past in the distant past. But at the same time we have scenes when she finds out and she is crying, seems so childlike and amateurish. Acting wise everyone was ok and I thought Lee Dong was very cute looking. Some scenes and dialogues in the film showed much more maturity than others but the film still has its shares of flaws. Regardless it is not boring.

There have ben better Korean movie but this one is still pretty decent romantic movie. (7/10)

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