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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

6 Short Films

Une Sensation de Vide (Spain)
This film refers to the idea of festivity and celebration, both widely understood. This concept invites explore the social and collective expression of the celebration from many possible points of view, the symbols of power related to social rituals, the construction of a collective identity, as well as the family environment and the concept of tradition and ceremony. This film had no dialogues which I don't mind but even otherwise, somehow the film did not do much for me. (3/10)

The Morning After (UK)
Harry is shocked to wake up one morning to discover that he is in bed with Thom. The night before is a blur but the blanks start to fill in sending Harry on a journey of self-discovery. He forced to confront himself, his desires and make a choice on how to lead his life. But it’s not as easy when he has to choose to give up someone he loves to achieve happiness. I loved this film. The direction was so spot on and so was the acting by the lead guys. I would recommend this film to everyone. (7.5/10)

Une robe d´été (French) [A Summer Dress]
A young gay couple is relaxing at the beach house for summer. When one of them goes to the beach, he is seduced by a girl and they have sex. But the guy's clothes get stolen and the girl gives him her dress. He rides his bike back to the holiday cabin dressed as a girl. His gay companion is sexually excited. Early next morning the young man returns to the sea and bids farewell to the girl whose holiday has ended. She suggests he keep the dress as a memento of their summer romance. This was a light hearted film. I don't think it had a message but it was just an event that could happen to you. (6.5/10)

Achilles (UK)
The story centres on Achilles and his relationship with his lover, Petroclus, during the trojan war. The scenes are played out through montage as well as action sequences and tableaus, culminating in the untimely deaths of the two heroes. Never before has an historical homosexual relationship been so delicately portrayed without prejudice or judgement. Considering this is animation, that is a tremendous feat. I had a great time watching this film. (7.5/10)

Blessure (Belgium) [Fair Play]
Marie and Steven are a young and happy couple. One day when Steven is out, a young guy Tom comes to their house. He plays in the same soccer team as Steven and has come to return a bag that Steven forgot. Secrets are revealed, not said and ignored about a possible sexual intimate relationship between Steven and Tom. The acting by al characters is very nice. Wife's acting when she finds out the truth and then try to ignore fit is awesome. (7/10)

Una Ultima Voluntad (Argentina)
A man awaits his execution by a firing-squad. His last wish before dying is a kiss and there are only men. This was a very interesting shot film and very well acted and directed. In very little words, a lot was said. The process of selection of which of the guys would be the one to kiss the guy. I have definitely not seen a short film like this. (6.5/10)

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