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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nine Indian Short Gay Movies

This one has to be some of the worse acted and directed shorts that I have seen. Agreed, some of the story concepts are very interesting for short films but they are handled so amateurishly, that it is a little embarrassing to watch. The only high point is that at there is a start and Indians are starting to make shorts (maybe even features) on gay themes.

A Clouded Sky - A recently out gay man wants to commit suicide because he is fed up of everything. HIs best friend is trying to stop him but he gives all incidents which are reason enough for him to take this step.

A Hidden Identity - A young boy walks through his normal life but is in closet. When he comes out, everyone reacts very negative and he ends up taking his own life.

Astitva - A young eunuch boy is looking for identity. He ends up joining the eunuch group in search of his identity to see where he fits in the best.

Gay - 2 homeless men are shivering in blistering cold sharing just one thin blanket. The only way they have to keep warm is body heat.

In The Closet - A comic twist on how both husband and wife are cheating on each other with 2 different men and how their secret comes out when both their lovers are hiding in the closet, literally!

Incredible Adaption - A lazy, good for nothing man is shunned by everyone including his wife. He pretends to become a eunuch just so that he can get some money and respect from people around him. Pathetic portrayal.

Kalavana Kanavu (Stolen Dreams) - 2 friends are very close (maybe lovers). Their life changes when one of the friends is about to get married to the other friend's sister.

Malayalam (The Present) - When his wife leaves him because he is gay, our man hires a gunman to shoot him because he cannot commit suicide. HIs wife returns but it is too late to cancel no. He gets shot.

The Man who Loved Me - WHen your best friend tells you that he loves you and is jealous that now you have a girlfriend, things do not remain the same. IN heat of arguments, the man ends up dying.

Like I said, some concepts were interesting but execution was bad. You also could realize that it seems every story ends in a death. I bet things are changing now in the country. (2/10)


RamblerGirl said...

Dear Sir,

Please take a look at 306, a gay short film, written, directed & produced by Elliot London.
Please would you share it with your friends and/or your blog.
Warning: adult minded.

Thank you


Solaris Pictures said...

We would like to suggest a few more Indian LGBT films to watch... do send your email id to so we could send recommendations. Cheers, Sumeet

Golu said...

I emailed you Sumeet. Will wait for your response