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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mon Voyage d'hiver (French) [My Winter Journey]

If you insomniac this movie may be the cure you're looking for. The narrator is driving across Germany. During the drive he talks and talks. If his ideas aren't enough to put you sleep then his voice will. And then he stop talking for a few minutes and you can see some nice scenery with a soft music. Basically this formula repeats itself.

Vincent Dieutre is accompanied by a close friend's teenage son on a trip to Berlin and in the process reminisces about his life as a gay man in this 2003 autobiographical documentary. Dieutre and his traveling companion, Itvan, visit numerous friends and landmarks, all holding special meaning to the 40-year-old filmmaker as they make their way to the German capital. As the pair grows closer as friends, Dieutre also takes on a paternalistic relationship with the boy as he details his own journey of self discovery -- partially to assist Itvan with his own adult transformation, but also as a means for Dieutre's own legacy to endure.

There is no plot and no advancement of anything. Some movies are badly produce, or the writing or the acting is bad but they can be seen as a movie. This is not a movie, there is no acting, no story, basically it's some guy recording his boring thought combined with some European scenery. (0.5/10)

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