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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Lower Power

This is another one of those films whose premise looks and sounds very promising on paper but the final product is far fetched from that. This so-called gay coming-of-age comedy film is nothing short of boredom and height of indulgence.

Thibodeaux lives with his parents and can't wait to get out of there. His parents are very open about their life. When neither the geeky, introverted sanity of his friend Steve nor the advice of torturously heterosexual stud buddy Mas provide an easy answer, Thibodeaux sets off on his own to college, where he hangs with bubbly Emmy and seeks a sexless social life. But Thibodeaux's chastity strategies meet their match in Todd, a cocksure biker and Old English scholar who teaches Thibodeaux the power of passion. Even as Todd unleashes Thibodeaux's appetites and old friends come back into his life in surprising ways, Thibodeaux's repressive reflexes connect sex to misfortune and humiliation, until his contorted logic drives away his friends and the mythic man of his dreams.

The film was pretty boring and I am not even going to waste any more time talking about any potential pros and all the cons of the film. Avoidable (1/10)

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