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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Amphetamine (Cantonese)

I had heard a lot of good things about this movie. A lot of people who saw it at the Qfest said nice things about it. I purposely did not see it in the festival since I wanted to watch it on dvd. For some reason this film looked to me like a more homo-erotic film rather than a one with stories and emotions. The film kept going in and out of being good to bad to doesn't make sense. But it still was an interesting view into the Hong Kong gay life.

Daniel, an openly gay banker can't decide whether to stay in Hong Kong or return back to Australia until he meets Kafka. Kafka is a straight swimming instructor. Somehow the 2 men develop a bond of friendship, admiration and even love for each other but Kafka cannot get physically intimate with Daniel which he doesn't mind because he is in search of true love. Kafka is a rebel and has a troubled past which we later find out that when he was trying to save a girl, he was raped by 4 men and left to die and this is the reason he cannot reciprocate Daniel's love. Kafka is slowly introduced to drugs by his brother who makes and sells amphetamine. Kafka really loves Daniel but he needs time, he needs to get through drug problem, so that he can be with him. Daniel is trying his best to be the best support he can for Kafka even to the extent that if he cannot take his drug problems away, he himself starts taking drugs and enjoy those moments with Kafka. Slowly the drugs completely take over Kafka and he ends up jumping from the top of the building.

The direction of the movie is a little odd. There are some time jumps and the narrative is filled with sexual scenes. But hidden in all this is also sadness. Kafka though straight loves Daniel and likes being with him but cannot reciprocate his sexual desires. Daniel truly loves Kafka and is ok with not getting intimate and wants to heal his drug problems. I think the 2 men acted really really well in this film. My problem was mostly with direction and the way the story is narrated. Some of the supporting characters act very weird throughout the movie. Somehow the director in this film leaves a lot for the viewers to decipher. His idea is challenging but direction leaves a lot to be desired.

Decide on your own. My rating is just average. (5/10)


KJ said...

I loved the short film I don't want to go back alone. It's really touching. :D

Golu said...

Thanks bud. You shud have posted this comment in that film's section. Regardless, any comments are always appreciated.

jampicozzi said...

I liked it (not only for the exposed bodies..).
The story is the same as "Permanent residence", nevertheless I enjoyed it.
Waiting for the next Scud movie!