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Monday, July 11, 2011

The One

I absolutely loved this film. There are more than one reasons why I did. The story is very close to my heart and it was handled so beautifully. Not once did I feel bored in the film or wanted it to end. It might not have the highest or best of the production values but it was 100 times better than the usual crap US cinema throws at us in the name of gay cinema. The story is pretty simple actually, something you have seen before quite a few times but the treatment is very different here and so many surprises thrown, it is just too good.

Openly gay Tommy, reconnects with his old classmate from college Daniel in a sports bar. Tommy always had a thing for Daniel and surprisingly one that day they end up sleeping with each other. Tommy is happy but soon Daniel announces that he is engaged to Jen and will definitely marry her. Daniel has a perfect life with perfect job, parents, career and soon to be wife. He cannot screw that up. Tommy is now head over heels in love with him. He also happens to meet Jen as they all workout in the same gym. He makes up a story forcing Daniel to join him for a weekend vacation where they spent very good time and get physical again. Tommy thinks maybe has a chance now but Daniel again mentions that there is no way he is leaving Jen. The two men meet once in a while while Tommy trying to persuade Daniel to not get married because he clearly loves Tommy more than Jen but Daniel would have none of it. They eventually end up getting married and Tommy is left heart-broken. Meetings between Daniel and Tommy decrease but Jen grows fonder of Tommy specially after she realizes that he is gay after a failed attempt to hook him up with her girlfriend. Things are moving fine. Tommy is finding hard to get Daniel out of his mind. Couple of times when Daniel meets Tommy is his aptt and tries to have sex, Tommy refuses because it is not the right thing for Jen. A few months later Jen announces that she is pregnant. This changes everything for Tommy. He realizes there is no more chance and moves on with his life. In the meantime, Daniel has totally devoted himself to work. Very close to the delivery date, Tommy meets daniel and Jen in the park with his new boyfriend and announces them that he is getting married just so that he can hurt Daniel and hurt he does because the way Daniel and Tommy look at each other tells Jen the entire story. She leaves Daniel and later reassures him to be his friend. Daniel comes out to his family which very surprisingly remain supportive. Now when he wants to go back to Tommy, he has already left. Daniel is all alone. The movie ends beautifully with Daniel spending time with his daughter alone in the park hoping to maybe find love.

Such a sweet film. The scenes just passed by my eyes all over again while writing this. Chemistry between all 3 characters was awesome. From Tommy and Daniel's reconnecting to awkward sex, to love to betrayal and getting married, everything was just perfect. Tommy showed good skills of a man who cannot get his love however hard he try. At the same time, Daniel did an excellent job as a man who wants a perfect so called normal life and even though he clearly likes Tommy, cannot do anything about it. His reaction when Tommy introduces his new boyfriend is very good. It shows that he somehow expected that Tommy will alway wait for him but people move on. SImilarly, when Jen realizes the whole truth, her reaction was just right. Not over board but something how people would react in real life. There were so many scenes that I can clearly remember even now. The subject of a gay man falling for a straight jock as been done to death but it is the screenplay and direction and the way the characters are portrayed which makes so much of a difference. The film had a right mix of comic elements as well and thank god had no stereotypes associated.

I absolutely loved it. Even though predictable at times, this film meant a lot to me. (8/10)


Amy said...

I absolutely loved this movie. Every minute and every dialogue is so precious that kept me on the edge of the couch. However, I do not approve the way movie ended. It left me miserable and pain in the heart. I do understand that Tommy had to go through a lot, but being gay, he should have realized that men’s heart and head never work together. Either they can’t express their love or confused about what they want. Or, probably my feeling is reasoned behind the proverb in my culture “let go the love, if it returns, it’s yours forever”

Golu said...

Very well said :)
I am glad that someone else also liked the film as much as I did.

GC from France said...

Nice one, sad ending though. But again, we all have different expectations and to me it is no more than OK.

Patrick Brun said...

i think this movie was done very sloppily and unrealistically. First, it was never really clear whether Tommy made up or actually told his backstory to Daniel. And his conversations with his friend when he shows him Daniel'a nude were really weird and psychopathic. Even his mom hinted of being a cheap side-actress rather than his real mom. I was really on edge during the whole movie waiting either for a revelation or a confrontation; which never happened. It's still not clear like, was he lying or was he being truthful?
And secondly, his coming out was really really sloopy. There was no reason for Jen to dump him or hell, even get suspicious of him being gay from a single, long and empty stare. It might be one of the clues for her but as an ultimate climax it felt short, rushed and fairly forced. And when it was made clear that Tommy's "proposal" was just a bluff and he never meant to marry that other poor guy, i was expecting for things come full-circle and Daniel finding him alone at some seaside and profess his love to him but it was all left lose. For a sad or half-hopeful ending movies needs to earn it, and this one didn't. It had an unfinished ending and it really left me with a feeling of punching myself idk.
thanks for the review.

Golu said...

Thats a very interesting and different view point and I fully appreciate. Reading comments like this makes me fly appreciate how we all are unique individuals and how when one can hate a movie, another person can absolutely love it. I love your comments and thoughts though. Gives me a very interesting view point.