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Monday, July 25, 2011


I am still not very sure why was this film shown as part of the LGBT film festival in Philadelphia. A couple of characters are gay but hen that has become a very common phenomenon in recent films. It is no big deal. In any case, that doesn't take away from the fact that was a guilty pleasure to watch the trailer park white trash story which brings smile to your face and often brings the house down with laughter as well. I am glad they did make Mangus' character a pity boy.

Mangus has always had one dream; to play Jesus Christ in the musical spectacular in his high school drama thereby following the footsteps of his dad and grandfather. He lives with his father and step mom (who by the way is hilarious in a weird way in the film). When he gets selected for the part, he celebrates with his friends and get in an accident which leaves him crippled and thereby he looses the part to a gay flamboyant son of the mayor of the town. When his father has to leave town for war, the step mom very cleverly drops him off to his mom Cookie's trailer who lives with a very young man Buddy and Mangus' elder sibling Jessica. Mangus gets friends with Buddy but the siblings hate each other. When Jessica is forced to baby sit Mangus one day, they come closer and she comes out to him as lesbian. Now hell bent on getting his dream role back, they plan to scare the gay kid away but the plan goes wrong and the siblings have to run to save their life. Meanwhile the committee calls back Mangus to play the part because the other child has met with an accident. A series of comic incidents happen but Mangus finally gets to live his dream. His mother Cookie and father get back together and four of them are a happy family back.

The synopsis might sound a little slow and boring but the way the film is directed is very funny. I loved the southern accent, the trashiness of the people and how it is portrayed and all the characters in general. Even the drunk Buddy was fun specially when he takes Mangus to a strip club. Both the moms were funny. Dad was alright. The drama instructor brings the house down every time he comes to the screen. The movie succeeds in maintaining its light-heart comedy feel despite there being major ups and downs in the story. This is probably a very very low budget film with low expectations and that is why you dont feel cheated because you never went in with any expectations whatsoever and you come back with a smile on your face.

It is like watching one of those reality shows which you love to watch but would never admit that you actually see it. (5/10)

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