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Friday, July 15, 2011

Gun Hill Road

The first thing after you finish watching this film is that the director has handled the subject with such compassion for his characters (all 3 lead actors). The film beautifully displays sensitivity towards a character whose sexual identity is evolving. The film is a wonderful emotional roller coaster, and shows how in a family when we love someone, we want to do everything that we think is right for them and we dont want them to go through pains in their life.

Enrique has just been released from the prison after 3 years and he needs to keep his act in control be it drinking, smoking, drugs etc or he will go back to jail without any warning. He feels a little oddball between his wife Angela, who he soon finds out that she had been having an affair with another Latino and his son Michael who is in the process of transforming into Vanessa, a transwoman. When Enrique finds out about Angela, he warns her to not do that since he is now back home. They have their issues to deal with since Angela now loves this other man but for the sake of her family is ready to sacrifice her happiness and stick by her man. After a series where Michael avoids to be with Enrique, he finally finds out what is going on and lashes out at him in fear. He cannot digest the fact why would Michael want to become a girl and even takes him to a prostitute .Meanwhile a teenage guy approaches Venessa for dating despite knowing he is a transsexual but it turns out that he is interested only in sex but fees very shameful being out in open with her. Michael's support are his mother his best friend who is gay. When Michael cannot take it any more, they way his father treats him , he leaves home. This incident finally makes Enrique realize how important his love for Michael is whatever way he is. But he does some mistakes in dealing with his criminal past. He pleads for Michael to come back home but his criminal past catches up and he is arrested again.

Harmony, a real life transitioning woman is superbly cast in this role and has acted so well that you deeply feel for her character. Enrique and his wife also play thei parts very strongly where Enrique's despair for his only son and his wife's love for their only child is so evident in the film. The film beautifully and sensitively shows the tribulations Michael has and is going through to become Vanessa. The direction in the film is very sensitively portrayed. The film makes you both laugh and cry and think and educate you to be more sensitive to everyone around you.

I will definitely recommend this beautiful film. The QFest is actually turning out to be not a bad experience after all. (8/10)

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