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Monday, July 11, 2011

Drei (German) [Three]

This German film had a very interesting story to tell. We all have seen plenty films on adultery even when both husband and wife are cheating but this one has a very very interesting twist. German gay themed films can be hit or miss. They are very unpredictable but at least they are not outrightly bad and unbearable. This one was a fun watch. It had the right amount of tension, stress, sex and a story to tell.

Doctor Hanna and Art engineer Adam have been together for about 20 years but they have not married yet. Of late they realize that they are maybe getting a distance between them and their sex life is far from being satisfactory. But they never talk about this and it is just a big elephant in the rom. They even sometimes do things on their own thereby giving each other enough space. In such an environment, Hanna meets Simon who comes to the hospital for some grant on a research. After a rocky meeting, they accidentally meet a couple of times and begin having a sexy torrid affair. Hanna doesn't feel guilty about this. In fact she is enjoying it. At the same time, Adam meets Simon at his pool club where he tells him about his testicle removal surgery casually. Simon demands to see the scar and they end up having a sex encounter which in turn again ends up in an affair. Hanna and Adam , both having an affair, find that their sex life is also improving but both keep it a secret and after 20 years of being together finally decide to get married. One day when Hanna finds out she is pregnant, she freaks out because she does not even know whose baby is it. When she goes to tell this to Simon, she finds Adam there as well and the cat is now out of the bag. Hanna and Adam take a break and meet after sometime. They miss each other and each of them miss Simon too. They confront deceit, bisexuality and they both decide to share Simon which is fine with him because after all these years of being single, even Simon fell in love with both Hanna and Adam.

The story and the execution of this film was brilliant. Although, I personally had issues with Hanna's character. She was shown making weird faces and her personality was also not shown very clearly. Was she control freak, demanding, intelligent, bored? What was it? To me she came out as a weird person for no reason whatsoever. And then the whole episode of Adam's mother having cancer and a few scenes thereafter had totally no relevance to the film whatsoever. Actually now that I think of it, the encounter between Adam and Simon is also pretty random although it is believable. Simon acted his part very well of a mysterious man who you will never know. what does he like, whats his life, he does everything, he loves everyone etc etc. The ending of the film was done in my opinion very beautifully, artistically with grace. It is sometimes good to think out of the box.

Watch this film. It's different. (7/10)

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