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Monday, July 18, 2011

Dirty Girl

First of all I fail to understand why would this film be shown in a LGBT film festival. Agreed that one of the 2 characters happens to be gay but still the story is primarily about Danielle, a perfectly straight girl. The gay guy just happens to be his side kick and yes there is a mall parallel track. I have nothing against the movie, at least not till I finish writing the review but I was disappointed by the choice of this film for QFest.

Danielle is a dirty 'slut' girl in the Oklahoma high school. She does not mind sleeping with every boy in the class. She is angry at the world specially her mother because she never mentioned to Danielle about her father. She meets Clarke, a fat and obese gay guy whose father gives him a hard time for everything he does and fail and specially anything to do with being gay, when the two of them are forced to do a school project as a team where they have to act parents to a flour bag and write a project report. Danielle suggests that they run away to find her father, Clarke hesitantly agrees because he cannot take the bullying and abuse anymore. The two pals take off in Clarke’s dad’s car; their trip will see Clarke lose his virginity, Danielle soften and both learn about themselves while Jean, the flour baby, looks on. Meanwhile their respective mothers fearing the well-being of their kids go in search of them. Danielle does find her father who never knew about her existence. She feels much better now after meeting him. She comes back home a much changed girl.

This is one of those high school comedy type movie which might be lapped up by teenagers but I think I am past those kind of films. The film has filthy language and ample sex talk but it is just not enough to hold a film together. The film is full of cliches. There is decent amount of time given to Clarke , how he meets a very cute hitchhiker to whom he loses his virginity etc but still the film does not do much for me. What is weird is when suddenly towards the end the film suddenly becomes all serious.

It is a strictly ok road trip movie with a dirty girl and her male fag. (3/10)

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