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Monday, July 11, 2011

Como Esquecer (Portuguese) [So Hard To Forget]

This Brazilian film is an honest portrayal of a woman, consumed with grief, taking baby steps to get her life back in shape after the loss of her partner. This film could easily have been a story of a man or a straight couple even, but I am glad that the film makers did not decide to go through the regular route instead focus on a lesbian aspect. What is most fascinating that even though the lead character happens to be a lesbian, that is not the story focus of the film rather than it is on her individuality.

Julia is 30 something professor in college. She has just lost her partner Antonia of 10 years in an accident. It seems that she has now completely lost interest in life and is completely overtaken by sadness. Any slight memory or sound makes her even more sad and she is almost on the verge of depression. In comes, Hugo, her long time friend whom she helped and was there for her when he was overcoming loss of his partner. Hugo decides that it is time for both of them to move on and would not take no for an answer. He gets a 3 bedroom house so that julia can be away from the house where she and Antonia lived near the sea hoping that change of scenery will bring back some energy in her rather dull life. Lisa, another friend of Hugo who was dumped by her boyfriend is the 3rd person in the mix. Not much changes in their life with Julia trying her best to move on and Hugo making every attempt to keep her happy and motivated. Things change when Lisa's cousin helena arrives to visit Lisa. She is an artist, a great chef and a woman with great looks. With her charm, wit and experience, she is finally able to break the mould that is there is Julia's life and shows her a ray of hope. Julia sees some change and is ready to embrace the sad truth which should now be a thing of past. She is not yet ready for relationship which she makes it clear to Helena but at least allows some light to re-enter her soul.

The story was beautiful and all the actors suited their part. They were all good actors. I wasn't very clear on what was the intention behind showing how Julia's student would try to be close to her and she would push her off. Was it because Julia did not want her sexuality to be the reason for people to judge her in the college? I dont know. The other problem that I had with the film was its pace. Like I said, these films sometimes need a specific pace. It was not that bad but I guess you have to be prepared to watch this film. And why was there no light in the film. Most of the scene sin the house were so dark that once for a change I was like, is there no sun at all in this city? lol..

Anyone who had to go through the pain of losing their loved ones would be able to connect with this film at an emotional level. (7/10)


NOME said...

I think it's one of the best movies of Brazil
is a pity that the actress who plays Julia (Ana Paula arosio) this recluse in your farm, it no longer wants to act.

Golu said...

Thats too bad, she doesnt want to act anymore. :( BUt the film is still brilliant