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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blackmail Boys

The best thing according to me of this film was that no one had a gym perfect body and your 2 main protagonists were your usual run of the mill guys. There was nothing out of the world with them be it look wise, body wise or talent wise. This is what makes it more believable. But why are directors hell bent on shooting a film guerilla style where camera is shaking half the time. I understand your passion to show the proceedings as realistic but dude, it gives the audience a terrible headache.

Sam and Aaron have been in a long distance relationship for over 3 years now. Aaron lives in Chicago. Since he has monetary problems, he soon starts hustling in his apartment which I guess is ok with his boyfriend Sam. One day Sam decides to pay visit to Aaron and they have a good time. When one of Aaron's regular good payer client comes, Sam recognizes him as the the famous author Andrew Tucker, anti-gay activist who uses social networking sites to spread his message to teens. He is pissed with Aaron for having sex with him but then they soon come u with a plan to make a video of the two and blackmail Tucker. They need the money because Aaron wants to stop hustling and they both wanna get married. Things are falling in place but when Tucker arrives to give money to the boys, the unexpected happens. Tucker stabs Sam, gets the last copy of the video and does not even give them the money. Once home, he feels terrible guilty and tells his wife the entire story. Back home aaron uses help of one of his doctor client's to make sure Sam is ok. Tucker's wife visits the boys, gives them the money and asks them to please forget the entire episode. The 2 boys get married and and having fun with money with college full time.

The first thing when you are watching this film you realize is that the lead characters have absolutely zero chemistry. They dont even act like friends forget lovers. I mean, if a long distance couple is meeting after such a long time, there would be more intimacy, love , passion etc but here you see them treat each other as if they are 2 strangers who have got together for a hook up and are now forced to talk. You could see how awkward they looked even while kissing. The scenes with Tucker and the doctor were the ones where you could see some signs of maybe good director duo. Aaron I guess had no inhibitions to display his meat so there are scenes where we see his dick flopping around just for the sleaze quotient. I will give writers A grade for a novel story but not as much to the directors. Oh ! and there was a lot of typing and story telling which was novel when it started but then there is more than what it should have been.

Interesting idea gone wrong because of not so suitable direction. (3.5/10)

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