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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rückenwind (German) [Light Gradient]

This film was weird. It was just going nowhere. Looking at the poster, you might think that it might be somewhat like Summerstorm but it doesn't even come close. This is one of those really bad foreign / independent films where all that happens is bicycle riding. Trust me, thats exactly what they show for a good 30-40% of the initial time in the film.

2 young men Johann 7 Robin are on a train bound for some country-side experience. Half of the film just focuses on them and their adventures of biking in the woods. When their bikes get ultimately stolen, they look for shelter and find a 40s woman with her son. The woman is interested in gay men but her son is not. He is just used to being a bored teenage who just does random things to kill his time. Then random things happen. The 2 boys spent sometime with mother and son and then go back to woods. And then something happens in which one of the boy either gets lost or killed or something. It is not very clear.

Trust me, the film was exact;y as boring and ridiculous as you must have felt reading the storyline above. This film seemed to go nowhere, slowly and randomly. The film was full of bits and pieces of this and that. Sun shining through the trees as they ride bikes through the woods, S&M in the woods, robbing sandwiches from other bike riders in the woods were some of the scenes that made the film. This is one of the slowest films and bad films I have seen and i have seen a lot of bad films.

Completely avoidable. (1/10)


Pitbullshark said...

I 100% agree with you about this film. I had supposed that maybe if I understood the point of that story of the, what was it, a fox and a rabbit, I don't remember exactly (I saw this movie last year), or of the story that the woman told, I might understand what the movie was driving at, but otherwise, it just didn't communicate anything.

The only really fascinating about it was that big empty airplane runway or whatever it was out in the middle of nowhere. I even went to the extent of searching through that entire area via Google Earth to see if I could find it and understand what it was, but, no such luck. It, like the meaning of this movie, remains a mystery.

Anyway, you are right, a film to not spend much time on--watching or thinking about!

Nick Doe said...

I think the most important part is the initial riddle - and the point being that the hare totally ignored the most important part of the issues - a hare is not a meat eater, and yet he agrees to be involved in a relationship that is inevitably frought with danger for him. So Robin is the hare in this story - he goes along with the fox (Johann) perhaps because he is bored or has an illusion of love and it is his demise in the end.

Golu said...

Even if you agree and understand that story, I don't think that the film is still worth watching :)