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Friday, May 20, 2011

Release (UK)

The heart of this film was in the right place but I cant even begin to describe how faulty the direction and editing was. The film was going all over the place between past and present and even just random scenes popping here and there. If the makers had kept the film linear and simple, it would have had so much more sense to the audience. As of now, this film was nothing but a huge disappointment.

Father Gillie, stripped of his priestly garb and is marched through the recognisable process of being showered and dressed in prison clothes. Housed in his cell with a younger troubled man it doesn't take long before rumours abound that the Priest is really a paedophile. Now an easy target thanks to the insinuations he becomes hunted. Security comes in the form of a prison guard who befriends him and with whom love and an affair develops. When safely behind locked doors their illicit relationship blossoms and only then do we learn of the true crime that has put our priest inside. He helped 2 kids with euthanasia.

Terrible acting, uninviting characters, awful camera work, contrived and completely unbelievable plot, tacky music, poor flow of scene transitions, the list just goes on.. This is basically artistic masturbation without any regard to giving the audience a involving story telling experience. The film makers really took the audience for granted in this.

This one is completely avoidable except for a very few naked me shots. (1.5/10)

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