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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Opposite Of Sex

This movie is a mix of comedy, drama, satire, spoof and trying to be a little bit of everything, the film at some point in my opinion loses its whole point. Agreed maybe 13 years ago, when the film came out, most of it would have make sense but in today's time, it doesn't anymore. That does not mean that the film doesn't entertain you. It does but at the same time, some repetitive scenes and mostly one dimensional acting prevents it from becoming a better film.

16 year old Dede runs from her mother's home and goes to live with her half bother Bill. Bill is gay and is a school teacher whose partner Tom died of aids few years ago which brought Tom's sister Lucia and Bill very close. Lucia pretty much doesn't have a life outside Bill. Bill now has a new boyfriend Matt. Ever since Dede moves in, she tries to seduce Matt because he is hot and young and eventually succeeds. The affair goes on till Dede finds out that she is pregnant. She convinces matt that he might be straight. Bill devastated to know asks them to leave the house but they take some money with them. Meanwhile another guy shows up asking for Matt to Bill and claims that he is Matt's boyfriend. Since Bill doesn't know and cant tell this new guy where Matt is, he falsely accuses Bill of molesting him when he was in high school which turns into a big town scandal and Bill ends up losing his job. here begins chase of Bill after Dede and Matt. Bill still wants Matt back. Matt wants to stay with Dede despite eventually finding out that the baby i snot his but from one of the other loser guys with whom Dede played around with. Lucia is forever with Bill in this endeavor and is constantly complaining. Anyway, everything ends well when Dede realizes her mistake, gives birth to the child, asks Bill to take care of it. Lucia meanwhile finds love with a local cop. Matt goes back being gay with the other guy.

The entire story is told through Dede's perspective which sometimes is funny because she throws in certain cliches associated with certain events that are happening in the film. The keeps the films pace going. It was never really clear why Bill still wanted Matt (who by the way did an excellent job portraying a male hunk version of a dumb blonde girl). Lisa Kudrow as Lucia was clearly very irritating. She just could not get over her Phoebe persona and would throw fits and tantrums in the same way in every scene. Dede did well as the 16 year old girl who hins she os very smart and can actually fool everyone around here. One major flaw of the film was that at any single point in the film the viewer never feels connected to the characters which in my opinion could be a major flaw. Production values were alright much like a TV movie though.

Nonetheless, if you dont mind getting offended by regular gay cliches and dont put too much brian into it, you might actually end up enjoying the film. (6/10)

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