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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meine Schwiegertochter ist ein Mann (German) [All You Need Is Love]

Thank God, after a series of watching really bad gay films (which seems to be the trend these days), I got to see a decent watch. In fact I was pretty surprised by the whole premise. What I loved specifically was it was a great blend of drama, comedy and social message. The gay characters are not just a walking collection of stereotypes, and the actors do their job well enough that you actually believe the characters love each-other.

The film starts with Katharina receiving a letter from her son Hans that he will bring Nicki with him whom he wants to marry in their small town of Bavaria. Katharina is very happy and tells her best friend and almost everyone in the small town. What she doesn't realize is that Nicki is a man. When Hans shows up with Nicki, she gets the shock of her life and immediately throws her son out. Initially they wanna go back to Berlin but Hans decides to stay and change people's mindset. Hans and Nicki check into a local hotel which again becomes talk of the town. Hans father Christian who s divorced and now married to the controlling Vera is also very disappointed knowing Hans is gay. he tries to take him to a whorehouse which surprises Hans. Since it is a small town, everyone finally finds out about the reality and start treating both Katharina and Christian differently. Vera even goes to the extent of spreading rumors that Hans is not he biological son of Christian. When Hans hears this, he cant take it any more specially after the fist fight that he has with a big group where he wanted to get married. They both go back to Berlin. Katharina's boss takes her to a lesbian club, thereby coming out to her and explaining her it is ok to be gay and how she admires how Hans has been so brave. Both the mother and father finally acknowledge that it is important to be happy be gay or straight and finally the 2 men get married in a very emotional celebration that the town puts for them.

What I liked the most was reactions of parents, neighbours and people in the small town. This is exactly I would imagine people in small town to react. Hans and Nickie made a cute couple and it was heartening to see Hans wanting to do everything right for his wedding which included making his parents happy too. The theme os sudden coming-out to the family was handled very bravely and rightly. We all love happy endings and so did I for this film but it went a little overboard when suddenly not just the parents but everyone in the town is so cool about it and are having a happy celebration for the married couple. Although what brought slight tears to my eyes were when Katharina's best friend Rosi sings a wedding song for the 2 men and their eyes get moist to see all the love they are getting from people who matter the most to them.

This is a film that makes me laugh, think and enjoy. It's rightly said that 'All you need is Love'. This is definitely worth watching. (7/10)

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