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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Callas Forever

This film though might give an impression of a biopic, is really not. Its the directors fantasy that he plays on the screen around the idea of Callas starring in a film production of Carmen at a time where she was losing her command of her magnificent opera voice.

Larry is a famous singer who meets Michael, an artist on one of his trips to France. They have an instant attraction and slowly start dating. remember that Larry is much older than him but that means nothing. Michael idolizes Callas, a very very famous opera singer. She is now losing her voice and confidence and prefers to live in seclusion. Larry used to be Callas' agent in her heydays. Larry proposes a film version of her famous opera Carmen to Callas so that the younger generation gets to see her work and see her perform which they have never had the opportunity to. Initially reluctant to star in a film that will use her old recordings dubbed on the film soundtrack, she ultimately gives in. The projects is launched and things go well. She retains her temper tantrums and demands for perfection that hallmarked her real career. The film is finished and turns out to be great but Callas then realizes that her youth cannot be regained and decides to get rid of the film. In the meantime Larry loses out on his time with Michael who is now leaving for a tour to showcase his art and doesn't know when and if he will ever see Larry again.

I dont know why but the film did not really strike a chord with me, neither at emotional level nor at a cinematic level. I would say the acting was good but the film tries to fool some gay audience by kind of forcing the romance angle between Larry and Michael. It was so not needed. They could have focussed completely on Callas and Larry and it would have ben all good. Not that I would have liked the film better. The movie might be loved by opera lovers but that is again one more things that is not my cup of tea.

This is my rating for the film. Your rating might be totally different based on your tastes. (3/10)

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