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Friday, April 22, 2011


This was such a bad film on all accounts. I waited for a while hoping there would be something nice and tender that the film has to offer but I was so wrong and finally I reached a stage where I just could not wait any more or bear the film. There is no concept of screenplay in this film. Combined with a pathetic direction and acting, this film tests your patience.

Based on the real lie story of poet William Meredith and his partner of 17 years Robert. When William suffered a stroke that left him almost helpless, Richard stood by his lover and fought for the right to be his caregiver against the wishes of William's family and aware of the restrictions that would be put on his own life. The film is set against the backdrop of training for and running of the New York marathon. We watch Richard gain the strength to work with his partner and see him help him through his illness, therapy and healing and we certainly feel the love they share.

The film was like random scenes put together here and there with no continuity and a lot of ambiguity. Acting was so bad specially by the guy playing Richard. But I would put more fault on the director because he probably didn't even realize how pathetically bad the actors expressions were. You know, films about love, devotion and sacrifice can be so loving and inspirational but this one beats them all on being one of the shoddiest acted films ever with a very uninspiring screenplay and story.

Stay away. (0.5/10)

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