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Friday, April 15, 2011

KM. 0 (SPanish) [Kilometer Zero]

The title refers to Madrid's central square. This film is a comedic look at the love lives of 14 different people and how they interconnect during one hot August afternoon around this central square. Mistaken identities and second chances are among the results of this comedy of errors. It is actually somewhat of a surprise for its frank treatment of all kinds of sexual relationships.

You are introduced to 14 persons who meet at KM0 on a hot afternoon. Of course, everyone meets people who they think are there to meet them, but they are all meeting the wrong people. Pedro, a young film student is looking to meet his sister's conservative friend ends up mistaking a prostitute for her only to realize the truth later hen it is too late. An old lady bored with her husband decides to meet a hot male hustler but comes to realize a little late in the game that he might actually be her lost son. An uptight accountant, who was supposed to meet a hooker to experiment before his wedding is picked up by a vivacious gay guy who takes him to a nearby bar for drinks. The gay guys missed his internet date because he got snagged by a sexy flamenco dancer and off they have gone for an afternoon filled with fun and love. We also have the bartender who is trying to save money to open his own bar, his fiance who is a control freak, her sister who truly loves the bartender and thinks that she is a better choice for him than her sister. We also have an actress who will go to any lengths to get a part in a film or theatre with a director.

With all these parallel stories going on, you would think hat proceedings could get confusing but they dont. In fact the director does a great job in making sure that all the stories remain simple enough. All sorts of funny and sexy scenarios play out as the day progresses and this i what keeps the attention focussed of the viewer. The obvious message is that our destinies are the result of the most accidental of encounters. Acting wise everyone I think suited their part, its hard to single out any one actor in an ensemble cast. Overall the film leaves you fully satisfied.

Watch it for this one has the right combination of comedy, naughtiness, thought and drama. (7.5/10)

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