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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Altitude Falling

What the hell was that film. Certain things about this film just made no sense whatsoever. What was the point that the film makers were trying to put across? Why did they have to set this film in future? It was all just too bizarre. Agreed they wanted to show what could potentially our life be in next 50 years or so but it is still not good enough reason to make a bad film with some really bad acting.

We are in future where every human body has a chip and that is how government keeps a track of you. Somehow there are a couple people here and there who have managed to stay away from being chipped. Middle aged Gary keep all to himself till he meets 20 something Danny. Danny and his mother have just moved to town to stay with her mother until they can find work. It turns out that David's mother was once married to Greg's lab partner. Greg and his partner were the ones who invented the idea of human chips. She is furious with both men for selling out humanity with their invasive invention. Danny's grandmother is a retired actress who became the voice for every scanner on the planet. Greg is still in touch with Danny's estranged father and he uses his prior connections to help get the lad a job. Over the course for some odd reasons, David and Greg become lovers which of course does not go down very well with David's mother. But the bigger fish that they need to fry is the fact that government might do something with the employees of the organization that David works for. Will Greg be able to save his love?

This film was such a drag that I dont even feel like writing a review for this. The acting was really poor on all accounts barring a couple of scenes here and there. I have already mentioned about the plot and what was all those scenes about him talking to his friend and his boss. It was all so bizarre. Also why would Greg wanna parade around naked in a lot of scenes. Just because he is producer director or because being the director he gets to fool around with young naked men. An almost believable plot about people being chipped in future (but who knows) can only be 1 positive thing about this film.

Avoid unless who are looking forward for naked shots of an old man. (2/10)

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