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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gay Short Films : 7

Dear Friend (UK)
Christian and James are bestest of buddies. Set in 1965, we see how Christian is falling for James and one night, when he can't control, he kisses James who completely freaks out. They have a huge fight and James calls him names. Knowing all this Chris' father interrupt and asks him to see a psychiatrist. He decides to leave home and cant take it anymore. I guess James realizes his mistake and comes back wanting to be friends again. We see them now both playing as happily they did when the film started. I am not sure of the intent behind setting the film in 60s but I can see a person reacting a in a very similar manner even today. Guys looked super hot. It is a nice sweet and short 15 minute film. (6/10)

Oranges (Australia)
This film shows the awkwardness of 2 growing up teenage boys starting to recognise and explore their homosexuality. After a cycle accident, a guy is taken in by his senior in school and he starts boasting about girls. The elder guy is eating orange but the younger one refuses since he has braces. They are hanging out and end of kissing each other when the younger one says his kiss tastes of orange. Things are back to regular routine. The senior guy ignores younger guy but now the young boy is eating oranges because that is the only way he can still feel the kiss. The ending of the film is absolutely brilliant and it was good to see the right actors of right age enacting the parts. (6.5/10)

Trevor (USA)
Trevor is a film many people will identify with. It takes a sensitive yet blunt approach to suicide. It deals with a young boy's thoughts about his sexuality at a very important stage of his life. When Trevor realizes that he might be gay, suddenly kids around him somehow seem to know and begin to mistreat him. At the same time, his parents refuse to really talk about it and send him to talk to a priest who is completely inept in dealing with it. As a result, it's no surprise that Trevor is on the brink of suicide. Presented by Ellen DeGeneres and brilliantly acted by the lead actor playing Trevor, t successfully manages to entertain the viewer at the same time. Trevor has a camp and very funny side. This helps makes the film all the more real. (7.5/10)

Boys Grammar (Australia)
Gareth attends a private school and is attracted to Nick. When Nick and others see him ogling at jocks naked bodies, the bullying crosses all levels and they end up raping Gareth. Gareth and Nick meet again at a private dinner where when Nick provokes Gareth asking him if he has become a man, Nick starts punching him but ultimately both men hugging and crying. I am not too sure of I completely understood what the end exactly was. I guess Nick was himself dealing with his own demons. Nice acting and very provocative. (6/10)

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